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Hi, thanks for dropping by. My name is Richard Walker. I have been interested in and have practiced martial arts and fighting systems since I was a kid (er… that’s 30+ years ago!).

I separate the two terms ‘martial arts’ and ‘fighting systems’ since I recognize that a martial art is more than just a fighting art. A martial art is a spiritual discipline where the fighting art practiced is itself the path taken. By contrast a fighting art is just that – a fighting art.

Early Years – Japanese Martial Arts

Morihei Ueshiba

My first introduction to the martial systems was in the form of Judo when I was 12 years old. Then Shotokan Karate (the original system as taught by the founder of modern Karate Japanese Gichin Funakoshi) and then Aikido (again the original form as devised by the late great Morihei Ueshiba).

All traditional Japanese systems, that’s to say Japanese Martial Arts with Zen and / or Shinto at it’s core.

Today I both remember and practice the basics of these great Japanese martial systems. (The ‘basics’ is all there is kid, everything else is window dressing!).

My Interest in Krav Maga

My interest in these systems never waned. And aside from those systems with a ‘spiritual’ side I became fascinated by the martial (‘fighting’) capacity of these arts. And I continued to investigate and practice various such ‘fighting’ arts.

And now, these days in addition to ‘walking the walk’ I write about these systems as well.

Krav Maga Training

Which brings us to Krav Maga – the subject of this small website. A relatively new martial art / fighting system (I’m not going to contemplate nor discuss which camp it fit’s best into). Krav Maga is recognized – with good reason – as being a particularly effective fighting system for ‘taking down your opponent’.

Free Krav Maga Study Manual

Finally I should mention that I have prepared a Krav Maga study manual to compliment a reasonably good set of Krav Maga study videos by Guy Dar which you can read about here. The study manual is accompanied by some top notch combat material that can be read / studied / practiced along side or in isolation from the actual Guy Dar training material – so it’s worth reading anyway.

To access this free training manual enter your name / email contact details to the right and I’ll send you download details (pdf format).

What follows is a brief, but hopefully informative overview of this Krav Maga fighting system.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading.


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