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Krav Maga History – A Modern Simple Israeli Fighting Art

Unlike a number of other so-called martial arts as well as self-defense methods, Krav Maga has not been around for very long. A new combat system widely recognized for it’s deadly effectiveness. It’s a no fluff, all out fighting system that designed to take out your opponent ASAP.

krav-maga-training-videosThe roots of Krav Maga are a bit vague, so it may be difficult in order to pinpoint precisely at exactly what point this type of “contact combat”, an extremely loose meaning of it’s name, actually has been around since.

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Krav Maga Training With Guy Dar

I came across Guy Dar when I was researching the Krav Maga Self Defense system. I had already viewed a couple of books on the subject, but I wanted to see some Krav Maga video clips to see the art in action, to get a better idea of this famous fighting system.

After I searched Krav Maga online with Google I came up with a quite a few Krav Maga video training clips. Some were actually quite good, and not just crass promotional material (though there was a fair bit of that as well). And so this led me to Guy Dar, an Israeli Krav Maga master, who teaches full contact Krav Maga! (with protection I assume). I discovered that in addition to his regular classes and seminars he also has produced some rather interesting online training material – check it out here. Read More…

Krav Maga Self Defense

What Is Krav Maga Self Defense?

The best way to understand what is Krav Maga Self Defence is to consider it’s history, development, and in particular the surroundings in which the Krav Maga fighting system came about.

Its founder is Imi Lichtenfeld, Hungarian at birth, Imi seems to have been a natural athlete from a young age, being well versed – and winning awards nationally and internationally – in gymnastics, wrestling and boxing. When you also consider that Imi’s father was both a policeman and a self teacher then you can see Imi would have had the ingredients to become an accomplished fighter. Read More…

Krav Maga Kicking 101

It’s a bit difficult to pin down exactly what Imi lichtenfeld taught by way of kicking, especially since the art has changed (evolved?) over the years. Suffice to say that kicks when used correctly in Krav Maga or any fighting system are a very effective way to end a fight, and so well worth practicing. Guy Dar covers kicks reasonably well in his Krav Maga video series. What follows is an overview of the important kicks that you should practice.

There are two main kick weapons to practice – the foot and the knee. Ideally you’ll be wearing shoes. Shoes will protect your feet from impact damage and makes your foot tougher so that it hurts your opponent more.  If you are bare foot then make sure that you don’t land the kick with your toes first otherwise you’ll hurt yourself more than the other guy! If barefooted you still can make contact with your heel or your instep.

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Krav Maga – Principles and Techniques

Krav Maga is among the widely utilized martial arts types for self- protection. It has simple origins – formal wrestling and boxing training and ‘street fighting’.  As you might expect with such modest origins, it offers a simplicity which is easy to understand, yet efficient. Let’s find out about Krav Maga methods.

Krav Maga Training Videos

Krav Maga Training VideosIt was developed in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld circa 1930. It soon gained recognition for it’s efficiency and was subsequently used to coach army personnel. It had been affiliated within the year 1975.

In part Krav Maga aims to leverage the fighters’ inbuilt instincts when facing intimidating situations. It’s therefore regarded as being much more practical within real-life circumstances.

The primary principle associated with Krav Maga is to strike opponents’ susceptible places such as throat, groin, eye, etc.

Listed here are several techniques utilized in Krav Maga to protect against the actual enemies. A few of the techniques will be briefly explained below: Read More…