Basics About Krav Maga Self Defense

Krav Maga, also known as Israeli Ju Jitsu is a fighting system originated in Israel in 1930 by a man called Imi Lichtenfeld. This type of fighting is created from the skills of street fighting, where ones natural reflexes come into play. There are no rules that apply to the apploication of Krav Maga training, it works based on a few, but highly effective techniques. What follows here is a brief description of them.

Arm Techniques: Punch is practiced hard as it is considered to be the basic strike. Low punch, straight punch, uppercut, palm-heel strike, chop, overhand and hook are some of the boxing strikes that should be learned to make the strike more effective.

Even more devasting when delivered properly – elbow strikes.

Leg Techniques: For practical reasons – you want to keep your balance and NOT fall over – Krav Maga focuses on low kicks rather than high kicks. That said, high kicks are sometimes taught at higher levels, it is only done to help the person judge the moves of the opponent; they are really not usually considered sensible in a fight.

Side kick, front kick, back kick, round kick, sweeping, heel kick, axe kicks and slap kicks are some of the typical kicks taught in this form of combat. There are also different kind of knee strikes for efficient defense and offense.

Head Techniques: The head is a very heavy – so potentially  devastating – weapon. A potent weapon to generate a blow at the opponent’s head or body.

Throws and Take-downs: Thrown is general are little used in this combat style. However, one or two leg take-downs, one arm shoulder throw, wrist lock and hip throw are some of the basic techniques taught.

Ground Fighting: Krav Maga fighting techniqes generally assume that you’ll not end up on the floor! But just in case you do then you need to know what to do! Ground fighting can be very ferocious. It’s a useful skill to have.

Defense Against Attacks: Krav Maga trainees are trained to defend and attack at the same time – rather than the you attack, I defend THEN counter-attack.

To facilitate this they are taught different blocking techniques which help them to safeguard against kicks, punches and other attacks. This also teaches them to protect themselves from attacks from any directions.

Defense Against Weapons: This type of training involves defending against various types weapons including knife, gun, sticks and other sharp and blunt weapons.

Krav Maga Training not only helps to safeguard yourself from enemy attacks but also helps you in staying physically fit. This combat training is also tailor made for men, women and children of all ages, so that everyone can learn to defend themselves.

There are a lot of accomplished Krav Maga teachers, all over the world. But the home of Krav Maga is Israel (remember it’s also called Israeli Jiu Jitsu). To read about one such expert read about Guy Dar.


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