Krav Maga Fighting Techniques

Krav Maga Fighting Techniques

The fighting techniques of Krav Maga are simple to learn and easy to apply. And one thing that really appealed to me about this fighting system was that there is relatively small number moves to learn. It reminds me a lot of the S.E.A.L. fighting system that I studied a few years ago.

Keeping the number of Krav Maga techniques to a minimum makes it a very accessible system indeed!

Here are a few krav maga training video clips that I have come across which convey the simplicity and the power of Krav Maga for fighting – both against unarmed and armed thugs.

Groin Kick

See how the kick is a low one. In a proper fight do not go for a fancy high kick – it’ll only put you off balance and most likely hand the advantage over to your opponent.

Hammer Fist

Disarm Gunman

More Krav Maga Training Videos

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