If you are interested in Krav Maga (aka Israeli Jujitsu) then you have come to the right place


My name is Richard Walker. A few years ago I discovered a cool set of Krav Maga training videos. Krav Maga is the leading fighting system that is so effective that it is taught to numerous law enforcement bodies across the globe, including the FBI, the CIA and the Israeli Military. It is truly a force to be reckoned with and one that will support your personal defense objectives!

The only problem with the video series is that it didn’t come with a training plan; so armed with over 30 years martial arts experience behind me I created a training plan for myself.

This is a comprehensive fighters training manual which is designed to work with any combat program that get  – including Krav Maga. It’s in two parts:

A) The Training – which includes the training schedule, multiple training methods, creating and practicing combos, the correct way to breath so that you don’t pant or run out of breath.  And…

B) Fight Essentials – strategies for defeating an opponent in a Head 2 Head (H2H) such as – the safest place to be in a H2H, know when your opponent is going to make his move – before he does it! and how to reduce the time it takes for you to land a punch by up to 30% (a staggering 95% fighters get this wrong – but you wont!).

This is What You'll Learn

  • The training plan
  • Multiple training methods when working solo or with a partner.
  • The correct way to breath (and avoid panting)
  • Why you need to create your own 'combos'. And how to create them.
  • Reduce the time it takes to land a punch (95% fighters get this wrong - but you wont!).
  • The safest place to be in a H2H and how it benefits you!
  • How to freeze your opponent whilst you take him out.
  • Magically know when your opponent is going to make his move - before he does it!

And much more!

This FREE training plan is a digital pdf manual that you can read on any e-reader - computer, PDA, iPad etc, etc. Or you can print it off to read it. Simply fill in your contact details in the form to the right and I'll send you the download details.



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