Krav Maga Training With Guy Dar

I came across Guy Dar when I was researching the Krav Maga Self Defense system. I had already viewed a couple of books on the subject, but I wanted to see some Krav Maga video clips to see the art in action, to get a better idea of this famous fighting system.

After I searched Krav Maga online with Google I came up with a quite a few Krav Maga video training clips. Some were actually quite good, and not just crass promotional material (though there was a fair bit of that as well). And so this led me to Guy Dar, an Israeli Krav Maga master, who teaches full contact Krav Maga! (with protection I assume). I discovered that in addition to his regular classes and seminars he also has produced some rather interesting online training material – check it out here.

A Summary of Krav Maga Fighting from Guy Dar

As you understand what Guy Dar has to say about Krav Maga, you quickly get the impression that Krav Maga self defense is a no-nonsense, no-holds-barred fighting system. Certainly as he teaches it anyway!

Guy Dar - Krav Maga Training videos

Guy Dar – Krav Maga Fighting Expert

Guy Dar points out that a real fight – like on the street – is not at all like the controlled environment of a gym where conventional ‘martial arts’ are taught. There are no rules and there is no one to ‘cut in’ if the situation gets ‘out-of-hand’. By contrast, on the street (a place well within the comfort zone for bully’s and would be oppressors of innocent law abiding people) things are different ….

When faced by an imminent attack by a bully or street thug, you only have just a couple of seconds to take the initiative, to do something before you start enter a world of hurt. These one or two seconds are crucial. That’s when you have to take the initiative.

Guy goes on to explain that Krav Maga fighting is not fancy at all. In fact in many ways it’s about using just a few special Krav Maga techniques to end the fight fast. As Guy says:

“The Main Principle in Krav Maga Training is to End the Fight in Seconds”

Throughout his discourse (and others) you will hear this familiar fact: ‘that there is probably good reason why Krav Maga fighting is taught to the Israeli Army, FBI, CIA and numerous police and security services the world over’.

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